How to Turn off Whatsapp Notification on Android

Whatsapp is one of the top instant messaging app where you can chat with friends, familiies and loved ones. With virtually more than 100 million contacts on Whatsapp, you can send messages to users on Whatsapp for free without credit as long and you have internet subscription.

Today virtually all apps, especially those focused on social use (eg social networks or IM clients) send a lot of notifications on our devices. Usually, we can always see an icon at the top of the screen of your device and if we deploy the Android notification center, we can see even a brief summary of it.

While most notifications are probably irrelevant, it is possible that some, such as those we receive through WhatsApp, whether private, confidential or personal information have not interest us that anyone can see. So if you have an android smartphone with Whatsapp messenger installed, let’s see How to turn off Whatsapp notifications and get your privacy one ahead!

How do I Stop Whatsapp Showing Messages?

As we said, this is a native feature of Android user, so you don’t need to use any third-party apps to do this. This process is same for turn off Facebook notifications, All you have to do is access the “settings menu” of your device and look for the section “Applications” or (on Samsung devices) “Apps”.

turn off whatsapp notification android

Here you can see a list of all the applications we have installed. In this list we find the whatsapp that you want to disable notifications, click on it to open a summary of it.

Here we find the entrance “Notifications ” and click on it. Then we’ll see a window with several options that allow us to configure the behavior of our WhatsApp.

turn off whatsapp notification

The options you can enable or disable in the case of WhatsApp are:

  • The first option will Block allnotifications: It’s like a DND mode, No notification will be shown of this app (and disables the other options).
  • Set as priority: If you activate the mode “do not disturb” WhatsApp notifications continue sounding when priority notifications.
  • Preview in pop-ups: Displays a summary of the content of notifications.
  • Show on lock screen: It allows us to choose whether we want a summary of notifications appear on the lock screen or not.
  • Disable persistent notifications: It shows no persistent notification (ie, it cannot be deleted until you read).

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In this way you will be able to choose how you want the notifications behave from whatsapp to prevent other people can access your information. For example, you may make no notification appears (having to open the whatsapp manually to check for new messages) and even prevent the preview of notifications to, though they arrive, So that you cannot know what the message it is until open it manually, a very useful option if we combine, for example, a program that blocks the execution of the application with a PIN or fingerprint, another new Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

For Higher Android Version, Go to Settings>> Apps >>Whatsapp

Click on Notifications >>Click Block All.

That’s it. You are now aware how to turn off whatsapp notification on android. While this manual has been developed and explained specifically for WhatsApp, it is also possible to apply it to any other app that generates notifications, for example, Facebook, Snapchat, a game or an email app.



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