Etisalat Free 0.0k Browsing Cheat Code with Stark VPN

Although Shadowsock VPN didnt work for some, 9mobile now faster and stable with the latest version of Stark vpn. Remember the free MB is capped at 60mb, but no more fequent disconnection like when using anonytun or any other VPN.

Stark VPN has been updated with new servers as well. So if you feel one server isn’t fast for you, you can change to a better server of your choice. Stark VPN update on version 4.1 is available on playstore. But i will I also share the direct link for you guys on this site.

Remebers that stark vpn doesnt need any tweak or any settings since it is inbuilt. Some might not know how to set it up, so uchetechs will guide you through .Now lets see some steps to take to get it working

How To Set Stark VPN V4.1 (19.08.17):
1. Download stark VpN v4.2 apk

2. After successful download, install it

3. Now open the app

4. You will see tweaks, now choose “Etisalat 60MB New”

5. Now click on the Red button to connect

6. When it has successfully connected, it will be in green color.

This is how you can set up stark VpN v4.2 on your android phone. For those using windows phone, click here to set up your free browsing using stark VpN as well.

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