How To Get Any Paid Samsung Themes For Free

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For those of you who don’t know, South Korean tech giant Samsung last
year, launched its own native theme store for its smartphone users. With
new themes been added to it, Samsung theme store has over 500 theme
packs (Including S8, S7 UI) more than other brand stores. It also has
Material Design style and even an exact port of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Just let most theme, Samsung theme store house both paid and free
versions and as we all know, paid themes comes with added features which
free version lacks. In this post I will share with you how you can get
paid Samsung theme for free. 
NOTE: For this to work, you must root you device. 

Firstly your Samsung phone, must have galaxy store support before
rooting it. Now open “Settings> Themes” Then tap on “More themes
Look for any paid theme of your choice and then click on it. You will
get options either to pay for the theme or Download Trial. 
Click on Download Trial. This feature will allow you to use the theme for 5 min. 
After download and applying the theme, download this app called Package Disabler App and install on your phone. 
Now open the App and search for the keyword “Theme”, You’ll find the two apps called Theme store and Themes. You have to make changes on both apps.

Select Theme store and then click Clear data and then go back.
Select the Themes and then click Disable and you are done.
With this simple trick, you can get any paid Samsung theme for free on
your smartphone device. Hope this help. Any question on this or you have
contributions please use the comment box below.

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