How To Enable Double Tap to Wake Up or Turn Off Android Screen

Earlier today, i was instigated to figure out the perfect way to turn ON
or OFF Android screen using the Double tap feature. If you are a
regular custom ROM user, chances are your power button would have gotten
weak due to constant reboot into recovery and you will certainly want
to limit your device’s power button usage. One of my buddy narrated how
his device fell on the ground accidentally and the power key got broken.
Now whenever he trys to use it, it usually gets stuck, and causes his
phone to switch ON and OFF. The double tap feature can also come in
handy whenever you find it difficult to press the power button on your
phone or you simply want to preserve your physical power button.

Basically, there are two simple ways to get the double tap feature on
your device, the first option is to flash a custom kernel that supports
the double tap feature, while the second option is to use a third party
app on the Google Play Store. Now you’ll certainly concur with me that
the second option is universal, as finding a custom kernel with the
double tap feature could prove to be a tedious task and moreover it will
demand for root permission. The Google Play Store offers a ton of
Android apps that can bring the double tap feature on your Android
device, but most of them brings limitations which won’t be an hindrance
either. Thus we’re unveiling the best Android apps that can enable you
to double tap and wake up / turn OFF Android screen.

#1. Smart Screen On/Off Auto

Smart Screen on/off is a simple application designed to automatically
turn On or Off your Android screen by using a proximity sensor and
double tap on the home screen. This will limit your device’s power
button usage and thus preserve it to last longer. So to begin with, head
over to the Google Play Store and install Smart Screen On/Off Auto .
When you open ‘smart screen’ for the first time, you will be greeted
with a simple and easy-to-use interface, so you’ll only need to tinker
with the app settings.

There isn’t much to set up here, under the “Auto screen settings”, you
can choose to enable the screen ON or Off automatically. You can also
create a shortcut on the home screen to quickly turn off your screen.
Tap on the “Create Shortcut” option, then input shortcut name and hit
OK. Now under the double tap settings, toggle ON “double tap to turn off
screen”. Under the optimization settings, you can choose to enable the
first option i.e if your device has a phone cover. This will auto turn
on/off your phone when you open or close the cover.

As stated earlier on, Smart Screen can turn ON/OFF your phone by using
the proximity sensor. Simply toggle ON this option under the
“optimization settings” and then swipe your device through the
‘proximity sensor’ to wake up or off the screen. Next from the “advanced
settings” option, you can choose to enable “show floating popup” which
will turn off your phone more faster. Tinkering with smart screen isn’t
difficult, you’ll only need brains. The app works pretty fine but with

Bonus Tips

Smart screen has its own limitations, as the app allows you to only turn
off your device with a double tap from the home screen. It will be more
perfect if the ‘developer’ adds the double tap to turn ON screen.
However you can use other cool alternatives for this. Apps such as KnockON – tap to wake or lock and double tap to screen ON and OFF can do
the jobs too. They are capable of turning on/off your device with a
double tap. But don’t expect a perfect or impeccable performance.

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