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      No Comments on Login – ABC Donor Register Login – ABC Donor Register : Upon the launching of the website , they are set to Do this …. Top Referers will be rewarded. You know why?! We are barely more than 36 hours after launch and this guys could get this number of referrals. Apart from the ₦2,000 they get for each confirmed referral, we think it is good to reward them. So, if you are among the top 10 by 11:59pm tomorrow (Saturday), we will be giving you 1 free donor on Monday morning. The system has been programmed to do this Login - ABC Donor Register

How Works

√ First Come, First Served.
√ No Referal Required to Earn.
√ 1 x 2 Matrix with unlimited recycle per user.
√ Smart Automatic Pairing System.
√ Fast Payment. Donor has only 4 hours for donation or be deleted. Receiver has only 24 hours to confirm donation.
√ Payment disputes are resolved by the support within 24 hours.
√ Optional (i.e. if you like) Referer Reward System. If you refer 5 people, and they all donate to their sponsor, you will be paired with one person automatically. This is one guarantee that ABCDonor continues for many months without crashing.
√ Devoted Support Team + Smart Support System. Each support team member gets auto referral which means they work to address your needs and get referral bonuses as reward. The highest referers are granted support privileges.
Intelligent Web Development Team.


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