Paydoublers is Blazing: Get Double Your Investment in Less Than 1 Week

 Pay Doublers is an online money doubling scheme with the sole aim of  helping fellow Nigerians double their investment and in return get back double of what they invested in LESS THAN 7 DAYS! -Yes, it’s real
What Paydoubler Is About  
This platform is created towards helping both poor and average Nigerians earn double of whatever they invested in less than a week. It’s as simple and clear as that.
They are fixing unneccessary issues many other online community helping programs develop overtime, some of which are as follows:
  • Frustrating system upgrade lasting for days.
  • Site overload.
  • Long period payment merging.
  • Or even full system crash.

We aim at having a swift, convenient and fast payment workflow to members for a period of atleast  3 SOLID YEARS!, and this program has been engineered to do just that.

How it works: Once you register, you’ll be merged to someone who you would pay within 48 hours. The payment amount you make depends on the plan in which you chose during registeration. After payment, you are to send a confirmation request to the person you paid to and await his/her confirmation. When you are confirmed, you’ll automatically be given two slots of the payment you made and two persons will be merged to pay you that same amount in less than a week! Here’s the list of our plans and amount of investment you can make with them.
Copper Account        ₦5,000          ₦10,000
Bronze Account        ₦10,000        ₦20,000
Silver Account          ₦20,000         ₦40,000
Gold Account            ₦50, 000        ₦10,000
Diamond Account    ₦100,000      ₦200,000
What more?: We won’t stress you out to refer people in order to earn with Pay Doublers, sit comfortably at home or place of work and wait for the cash as they come. But hardworking people will earn extra ₦10,000 if they happen to refer just two members.

How Paydoubler Works

Join Paydoublers HERE 

  • Fill in the details like username password, bank details, Phone number and select on the package above. 
  • Once you are signed up, you will be automatically matched to pay someone in the next 48 hours. 
  • You will call the person you are matched to and make payment. Once you make payment screenshot it and upload payment details.  They call the person to activate your account. 
  • Once activated you will be matched to two people in less than one week that will pay you the same amount of money you paid. 


Paydoubler payment

Invest only your spare money, xclusivetek won’t be held responsible for any money loss. 

Join Paydoubler Now 

And start earning.. 
For more infos and enquires, feel free to use the comment. 

3 comments on “Paydoublers is Blazing: Get Double Your Investment in Less Than 1 Week

  1. Unknown

    I believe that this is a scam cos I register, nd for d past 2 days nau am unable to access d site, so tell Me wat z really happening…have nt been merge nd d site even gone

  2. Anonymous

    since january,the site has been forbidden..please what exactly is going wrong,on the 28th of january,the site wrote we'll be back in 0 day,11hrs,25mins and 46secs,meanwhile,during this period
    1. no account will be blocked due to late or no payments
    2. we'll be working on to improve the security of members accounts and that of the site
    3. we'll work on the site's technician issues some members are facing.etc
    thanks as you patiently co-operate with us.those are your words since then


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