Download Psiphon 115 exe For PC (Latest)

Psiphon is a VPN tool designed to surf anonymously by millions of Internet users in several countries where freedom of expression is a right that they do not have.

Psiphon PC

With Psiphon turn your computer into a proxy server that will connect the user or users you want to give access.

Among the Psiphon server and the client a secure, encrypted connection is established which can not be intercepted.

What’s New in Psiphon 115 exe

✔ Based on Psiphon 3 Layout
✔ Comes With Handler Option
✔ Use of Proxy Server Regions and Ports
✔ Fixed Bugs

Psiphon exe

Psiphon handler pc

So if you have a friends or acquaintances who can not see a particular page because it has been banned in their country or because the connection fails, send them the address of the Psiphon server.

Psiphon lets you establish different user account, and all of them are protected with passwords which you may give to whomever you want.

Download Link

Latest Psiphon 115 exe Download (4.92MB)



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