Checkout Blackberry Mercury Rumoured Specs And Features

Blackberry’s slow but steady revival has already started after the well documented demise of the classic Blackberry OS and its running devices (BB10 also inclusive).

Blackberry’s move to stay relevant in the mobile smartphone industry prompted their move to fully focus on rolling out Android OS running devices.
This move has already seen Blackberry roll out Android devices Blackberry DTEK50 and Blackberry DTEK60.
The next in line of the Blackberry Android series is the Blackberry Mercury and according to purported specs, it is going to be a cool device.
The Blackberry Mercury according to leaks and rumor would be a 4.5 inch device (with hyperbolic or curved display screen) which would come carrying full QWERTY keyboard, be powered by the flagship Snapdragon 821 processor and featuring a fingerprint scanner sensor which would be integrated into the spacebar of the device.
The battery is expected to be quite impressive but we are yet to put a figure on its mAh but it looks to be between the 2500-3500 mAh mark.
This all remain purported features and specs as Blackberry is yet to officially make a statement on the device.
However, we are sure to get official confirmation come the first quarter of the new year 2017.



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