Airtel Live Free Browsing Using Psiphon handler

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I had earlier posted how to use Airtel Live Free browsing on PC, thanks to Xclsuivetek group  on WhatsApp a users shared how to use the Airtel Free browsing on Android smartphone
● Airtel Sim with 0.0kb
● Psiphon A+ pro,Syphon,Psiphon A+ black…e.t.c
● Strong 3G network


– Tick remove port
– Proxy Type: Host
– Proxy Sever:
– Real Proxy Type: Default
– Real Proxy Sever: Leave empty/
– Real Proxy Port: 80

Then navigate to more options
– Tick connect through HTTP
– Tick the following settings
– Host Address:
– Port: 8080
– Select “Singapore” or “USA” for the country make connections stable

Airtel Live Free Browsing

For new users it might disconnect very often before you get that very stable connection. As for me it disconnected up to 4 times before it became stable.

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