Things To Consider Before Buying a Portable Powerbank

Before purchasing a portable power bank, there are things you should consider like the brand, weight, battery capacity, power output and lots more. There are lots of fakes power banks produced nowadays and those power banks are harmful to your smartphones because they tend to reduce the battery efficiency of your phone.
 Another main reason why you should purchase a good power bank is that is durable and charges your phone faster. Below are the most important things you should put in mind before purchasing any power bank.

1. Brand name

When purchasing a power bank, you should purchase those with quality brand names and not those that would write “Power Bank” its body. It might be cheap and that might excite you to buy it but I tell you from experience, those power banks don’t last. I had earlier purchased a power bank with power bank written on it and with a battery cap of 30,000maH. I was happy purchasing it at a very cheap price but only to use it for two week and it just stopped charging my phone. When I went to repair it, the repairer told me it was fake and the battery was coupled in series and not parallel. He warned me from buying such power banks and since then I wised up and bought one called Romoss. That is what I still use till now.  Purchase good brands of power bank such as Lumsing power bank jakery giant, Romoss, Veeda etc. It might not be so cheap but it is durable and last longer.

2. Battery Cells Type

The common battery used in the production of power banks are Li-ion and Li-poly battery. These are the two variations of the battery cells which are popularly used to constitute the best power banks. Most of the battery packs make use of Li-ion because they are cheaper but portable chargers being constituted with Li-ion tends to become much bulkier in comparison to the Li-Poly. Li-poly battery is preferable because they are used by many top manufacturers because the power bank battery can easily be shaped to be smaller and lighter with the same battery capacity. In addition, Li-Po Battery can also retain its charge longer as compared to Li-ion. You should check the power bank label for the battery name before purchasing it

3. Power Output

The power output determines how fast the power bank would charge your Smart phone. The main aim of purchasing a power bank is to charge your phone and charge it faster in case there is power shortage. 2A output power banks charge faster than 1A output power banks. Most power bank possesses double ports one port charge faster than the other. Before purchasing a power bank check its power output, most power outputs includes 1A, 1.5A, 1.8A and 2.1A. The higher the value of the power output, the higher the charging speed.

3. Power Capacity

Power capacity of the power bank is the main characteristics of a good power bank. Before purchasing a power bank, you should be aware of the battery capacity of your smartphone. A good power banks should be able to charge your phone at least twice. For example your Smart phone has 3000maH, you should consider purchasing power banks with 7000maH and above so it can be able to charge your phone full at least twice.

4. Weight

Power banks should not be heavy to carry about. A good portable power bank should be one you can easily keep in your pocket or carry around without making you feel uncomfortable. Not all power banks are portable, but you should have in mind that a good power bank should be portable with sleek design in case there is need to use it or charge it.

5. Design

A good power bank should be made of plastic and not metal. Metal powerbanks are risky and not safe because it is a good conductor of electricity and you risk having an electric shock when charging it. Purchase powerbanks with hard insulator cover for better safety and durability.

6. Number of USB ports

Number of usb ports determines the phones the power bank can charge at the same time. Most power banks below 10,000mAH capacity comes with one USB port but those above it comes with two or more usb output. This is because they have a good battery capacity to charge more than one device.
Different USB ports have different power output so one port charges faster than the other. Before purchasing a power bank, you should consider the number of phones you want to charge at a time and the USB power output. The power output of the USB port is written in front of the USB port or at the back of the powerbank description.
These are the major criteria you should consider before purchasing a powerbank. So be wise because there are lots of fake powerbank in the market. If you have any question or suggestions, feel free to ask using the comment box.

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