How To Fix Your IP Has Been Flagged for Potential Security Violation WordPress

I opened a wordpress blog and I felt happy been able to use wordpress. But after few month I encountered a problem when I wanted to login as admin. I got this message saying “Your IP has been Flagged for Potential Security Violation”. They also said it was due to security issues and I noticed it was a plugin called Jetpack that was blocking my access.
I later resolved this issue and today I will share how you can login in your wordpress blog when you get the error message “Your IP has been Flagged for Potential Security Violation”.
Why Jetpack Blocked Your access?
WordPress Jetpack plugin is popularly known to provide statistics of visits to your blog but you should also be aware that  has a security feature called Protect. This feature helps protects your blog from brute force attacks by detecting multiple unsuccessful login attempts and blocking the IP address from accessing the login page.
This helps to protect the blog from hackers, and even admins from the  have unsuccessful attempted to login. Even when your username and password, it still show this message “your IP has been flagged for potential security violations”.
If you facing similar problems below are the ways to solve it
Method 1: Change your IP Address
From the message you will receive, you will notice a particular IP address has been blocked from accessing the wordpress blog. For example, Your IP ( has been flagged for potential security violation.
This means you can login with another IP address apart from Sometimes IP address changes when you disconnect and reconnect your internet connection. So you can try disconnecting it for like 30 minutes and reconnect it back and go back to your wordpress admin page to check If you still see the message.
You can likewise make use of VPN (Virtual Private Network) client such as Hotspot Shield to change your IP address. That will work like charm. If you feel you don’t like VPN clients then follow the method 2 to solve the problem.
Method 2: Whitelist your IP Address Using WordPress
JetPack Protect module has blocked your from accessing your blog but you can still have access to your blog. By logging your, you can whitelist your IP address so it won’t be flagged as security violation. There are basically two ways this can be done, in your Jetpack setting or in your settings.
Using Settings
Go to and login
Once logged in, click on MySites at the top left corner.
In the My Sites, you can see Switch Site button. Click on it and go to the wordpress blog you want to whitelist the IP address.
At the left sidebar, click on Settings.
At the top menus, click on Security tab. You will see IP Address Whitelist section and will alsi be able to see your current IP address.
Copy the IP Address or the IP address that has been flagged for security violation and paste in the given box as shown below.
Your IP Has Been Flagged for Potential Security Violation

Click on Save Settings to save it. Next go to and you would be able to login now.

Using WordPress Dashboard 

This methods works when Jetpack has not blocked you from accessing it. Login your login. 
Go to Plugins >>Jetpack >> Settings >> Protect and click on Configure.
Alternatively, go to
Replace with your domain.Click add your IP Address to Whitelist and click save. Go to  and input your username and password and login.

Fix 4: Delete JetPack Plugin 

This method involves deleting the Jetpack Plugin from the FTP client.  By deleting the JetPack plugin, the Security Protect features won’t function again. You can’t delete the Jetpack from your since you are blocked but you still have access to your FTP client.
Now login to your cpanel and go to file manager. Locate your blog folder and the Jetpack plugin folder. The Plugin folder must be in WP-content >> Plugins >> JetPack.
Right-click on JetPack folder and click delete. Now attempt the login page of your WordPress blog and you should have no problem logging in. You can still install Jetpack plugin back once you are logged in  and to prevent the problem from occurring again, try deactivating Protect from JetPack >> Settings >> Protect >> Deactivate 


I advise you whitelist the IP Address with the second method because it is safer and you still stand the chance of being protected from hackers.
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