Blogger Now Supports Emotions, Smiley and Special Characters is a commonly used blogging platform because of the free hosting by Google and its simplicity. There are many blogging platform like WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, Wix, Wapka and so on and each are improving their looks, bring new updates for betterment of their user. Blogger had improved with the introduction of featured post but recently, a new update was introduced with emotions on the post label, making blogger able to use emotions when making a post.
Emotions can be used to show moods, feelings, events, gestures and so on and the use of emotions in post adds more light to your blog visitors when viewing the post. The update don’t only contains free smileys but also symbols and characters like currency symbols, aℝℝows, maths symbols and lots more. You can also search for your desired emotions in the search box or by drawing a sample with your mouse.

How To Use Emotions in Post For Bloggers

This is for blogspot bloggers who loved using emotions, symbols, and signs. You don’t have to google for signs, copy and paste it in your blog post again, just follow the steps below:
1. Login your Blogger Dashboard
2, Click on Create new post
3. If you want to use the smiley features, locate a smiley face at the top right corner immediately after the video upload button.
4. Type the smiley or character you want in the search box and select it.

blogger characters

That’s all.

It’s good to know that blogger is still updating its platform to satisfy its users😏😏😏. It’sa nice improvement and hoping for more improvements from them. What interface would you like blogger to add to their platform? Would love to hear from you via the comment box.

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