Tweakware Extends Free Server Limit to 1.2GB

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As we are enjoying glo and etisslat free browsing using Tweakware, Tweakware VPN also plainly are Celebrating independence with a joyful Heart As even with this Economic Recession That’s going On they still went ahead to make things easier for Us by increasing their browsing limit to a whole 1.2gb From 300mb Imagine?..

tweakware free server
It seems they no longer want us to subscribe to their premium plan because this one is just too much for some people out their that can consume up to 500mb daily.

So tweakware v3.6 still tweakware support the free browsing options like Glo 0.00kb and Etisalat Nxtfwd free browsing.

Please you guys should just be patient with us as we work on new better cheats for October. You can download tweakware latest v3.6 HERE if you don’t have it installed on your phone.

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