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As a web developer or site owner,  there is need to base your website in a certain niche that entices you or what you specialize in.  So there is need to select domain name related to your niche.  You might get confused finding a domain name that suites your domain which has not been chosen by someone else.

     Finding a decent and see friendly domain name for any site, blog or notwithstanding for business is an extremely troublesome undertaking for all amateurs. Tochoose a perfect domain name,  you may have to do some research using good online domain name suggestion tools to find the perfect domain name for your niche.  There are many domain suggestion tools online which can give you various domain name suggestions. It depends on your niche(area of specialization) and the domain availability.
There are some certain set friendly strategies in choosing a perfect domain name
These includes

  • Your domain name ought to be short (i.e 3-7 letters). This helps so that your web visitors can easily access your website. 

  • Try not to make use of hyphens and numbers. 

Using numbers,  hyphens or other signs when using a domain name is considered inappropriate. Try using only alphabets.

  • Try not to use words that are hard to spell can be misspelled easily.

Web visitors might have issues accessing your site if they misplell your website url

Make use of perfect domain extension depending on what your website is all about.
Domain extension like .org for organisations, .com for commercial use,  .ng for Nigeria Sites and much more depending on what you Like

Top Domain Name Suggestion Tools 

1. Lean Domain Search

lean Domain Search is a simple and additionally basic area proposals apparatus. You can begin writing a word and it will propose you several favored area names. You can even track your pursuit history. Incline space seek likewise permits you to share your list items.

2. Shopify business Name Generator

Shopify business Name Generator

Shopify is somewhat a business name recommendation apparatus. Be that as it may, you will be astonished by its capacity to propose space names too.
Simply enter the keywords and it will have a great deal of good recommendations prepared for you. Despite the fact that, shopify recommends you to utilize their administrations of making a business, you can simply go anyplace else to purchase the domain name you like.
It gives suggestions on your keywords.

3. Spaces Bot

This is one of the best among other space name proposal apparatuses which discover Domain names which are on special or going to lapsed as soon. It additionally shows Facebook and Twitter ID. Area Bot make comes about on your specific watchword with critical augmentations furthermore Spin your catchphrase with other related and same importance words. So it will give you best thought regarding different watchwords

4. Name Mesh

In the event that you preferably have more than 2 catchphrases in your psyche, then name work is the apparatus you require. The device will convey thoughts in light of classes like Common New Short Similar SEO in light of the different watchwords you enter. It likewise proposes other comparative watchwords that you may like.

5. NameStall

NameStall is an area proposals and in addition an inquiry apparatus. It offers recommendations for spaces in light of basic watchwords. There are additionally numerous propelled choices like determination of position of the keyword in the domain name, and so on. You can rather enlist for a space name in that spot in the event that you like one.

6. Name Tumbler

Another best domain name recommendation suggestion tool. In Name Tumbler you can choose and locate a particular term watchwords as postfix or prefix. Sort your particular catchphrases and select the sort from rundown for recommendation furthermore pick include for postfix and prefix and after that select your expansion and make your hunt. This will include all the vital and well known terms for specific sort which you have chosen from the rundown.

7. Area Suggest Tool

In this suggestion tool, you can seek area name with expansion .com, .net, .cc, .Tv. Grown-up name proposal is make off as a matter of course. So it a better thought to locate a best space name which never turn into an issue for your future business on the grounds that picking terrible area name.

The above Domain name Suggestion tools are the top Domain name generator tool in my list.
If you have other domain generator tools that you think is not stated above,  notify using the comments section ≥﹏≤

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