MTN XtraTime is Now 15% Charge Fee

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MTN has chosen to build the commission rate of its broadcast appointment obtaining administration, MTN XtraTime from 10% to 15%. The new administration charge which was conveyed to its subscribers produces results from October 11. 

Most MTN clients got this content, Kindly note that new Terms & Conditions for MTN XtraTime service will take effect from October 11, 2016. Please visit for details”.
The referred site lists drills down the terms of administration however the undeniable change is the “Thing 7” which expresses that an administration charge of 15% of the asked for broadcast appointment is charged per fruitful demand. 

What this implies now is that when you get N100, N15 will be deducted from your next revive rather than N10 beforehand. This new rate of 15% abandons you with the accompanying particular sum when you recharge.
The truth in all these new rates is that at whatever point you acquire broadcast appointment, you have lost around 2 minutes of talk time (on the off chance that you are on MTN Xtra Pro or Pulse) to administration charge. 

My recommendation? 
Utilize QuickTeller wallet or your individual Bank USSD short codes to revive any number specifically from your financial balance. Along these lines, rather than losing cash to administration charge, you are really compensated with extra information and broadcast appointment. 

Take note of that the MTN site mistakenly express that you “will be credited 90% of the broadcast appointment asked”. You are really credited with 85% of the broadcast appointment asked for; the staying 15% will be withheld as an administration charge. 

mtn xtra time balance

MTN Xtra Time administration can be gotten to by dialing *606# on your MTN line. XtraByte (for obtaining information) is excluded in this new advancement.

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