How To Invite Friends to Whatsapp Group via Link

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Whatsapp messenger is one of the best mobile messenger that helps to chat with friends and loved ones. You can now invite friends on Whatsapp using a Whatsapp link.  This will allow users to join Whatsapp group without the admin adding you into the Whatsapp group.  It’s really fun joining groups in Whatsapp without waiting for Group admins to add users👥.

How To Invite Friends to Whatsapp Group via Link 

 This method is very useful to group admins that don’t have time adding users to Your Whatsapp group 
To use this invitation link to Whatsapp group, you must be an admin.
Below are the steps to invite Whatsapp friends via invitation link to your Whatsapp group. 
1. Open a Whatsapp Group chat and you will be admin. If you are already an admin in a Whatsapp group then proceed to the next step. 
2. Click on the three dots on the top right corner of the Whatsapp group. 
3. Now click on Group info in the screenshot below
4. You will See Add participant or at the top right corner click on Add Participant icon and proceed to the next step 
5. Now you will navigate to Select Contact  and Click on Invite to group via link
6. Now you will see the Group invitation link 🔗.  You can either Share link to Whatsapp to friends or other Whatsapp group  or Copy link or Share link to other social apps like facebook,  twitter or the web. 
whatsapp group invitation link

This improvement is really  good for friends that love joining Whatsapp groups. 
Admins still have the right to remove participants that joined via link 

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