How to Fix Play store Not Working

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Google Play store is one of the best application Android app manager for Android phones. Play store guarantees safety from virus because it’s scanned and safe.

Fix play store errors

Most times Android users sets have problems updating apps from play store. This is fulsome certain issues like not using the latest version of Google Play services,  use of VPN and some problems that would be stated below.

1. Updated date and time settings 

Most times,  our date and time may not be corresponding  to the normal timezone.  Google checks your Android phone’s date and time for the Google Play Store. Google’s servers could have an intense time synchronizing with your gadget and cause your Play Store to misbehave.

To alter this issue, you have to go into your the Settings in your Android gadget. Under System you ought to see Date and Time.
Tap on this and you will see whether your phone is on Automatic date and time gave by your system. If the Automatic date and time is not turned on,  the put it ON.
On the off chance that your gadget is on programmed and your Google Play Store is still not working then you ought to physically set the date and time to the actual date and time. You initially need to turn Automatic date and time off. At that point begin by entering the date and time with however much precision as could reasonably be expected. In the event that this doesn’t work, don’t stress, there are still some more answers for getting your Google Play Store up and running once more.

2. Clear data of  Google Play Store 

Clearing your Google Play Store data really helps a lot.  Once you discover you Play store is not working, then you might need to clear your Google Play Store data.

In the first place go in the Settings from your phone’s home screen.

Now go to Apps,  Google Play Store and Click on it.
You will see clear data and clear cache.
Now Click on Clear Data.

When this has been finished, go into your Google Play Store and check whether your issue has been solved. If not, you ought to attempt one of alternate methods below.

3. Clear your Play Store Cache 

Erasing your cache from the Play Store is like our first tip be that as it may, eradicates a lot more.
Keep in mind, when you do this your records, settings, accounts, databases and other data will be deleted. You ought to
ensure you have the sign in data for the record as it will be removed the Google Play Store account.

To begin, head into your Settings and discover the Apps. From that point you ought to have the capacity to scroll down to Clear Data  or go into Storage first then Clear  data.

4. Clear Google Play Services data and cache 

It is conceivable that Play Store issues could originate from issues with Google Play Services. In the event that Google Play Store is the heart of your Android gadget, then Google Play Services is its spirit. Play

Google Play Services is the baffling foundation handle that permits applications
to speak with various parts of your gadget, empowering them to adjust, send push notices etc

If you need to clear Google Play services, follow the steps below

You have to go into your Settings and hit Application Manager or Applications. From that point, Find Google Play Services application.

In Google Play Services, Click Clear data and next Clear Cache.  Now go back to your play store and check if you have fixed Google Play Services.

5. Update and Install Latest Google Play Services 

Something else that may cause is to download and introduce the most recent variant of Google Play Services and the Google Play Store.

Firstly, you have to ensure your Google Play Store is up to date. Go into the Google Play Store app and hit the menu button
(three lines in the upper left hand corner of your screen). Next tap Settings and under General you ought to have the capacity to see at the point when your Google Play application overhauls. Tap Auto-upgrade applications and guarantee that Auto-upgrade applications over Wi-Fi is checked. Presently, make beyond any doubt you’re associated with Wi-Fi.

6. Reset your Google account 

We’re currently going to the marginally more extreme arrangements. In the event that your Play Store application still isn’t working, then you may need to reset your Google account on your Android gadget. This will mean your Google account on your whole telephone will be reset and not simply in the Google Play Store.
Ensure you know the account(s) before you begin this. You could lose the whole data records if you’re not cautious.

So to do this, evacuate your record then include it once more. It’s lovely easy to do. Go to your Settings and tap Accounts . Presently you need to tap the Google account you need to remove, then tap the menu symbol (three spots at the upper right) and tap Remove account. Do this for each Google account on your gadget.

Presently you have to re-enter your Google account. Backtrack into your Settings and tap on Account once more. The main thing you ought to see is Add Account .
Tap Add Account and take after the on screen ventures to re-include your record.

7. Uninstall past versions of Playstore

By and large, when you have an issue with an application you can just uninstall it and afterward reinstall it. Well that works for some applications, be that as it may, the Google Play Store is a framework application on your Android gadget. What you can do rather is uninstall past redesigns to the application and this may help your issue.

You initially need to head into your Settings, tap either Apps or Application Manager , and you ought to either observe the majority of your applications

on the other hand you may need to pick All . From that point discover the Google PlayStore and tap Uninstall Updates

In the event that your Google Play Store is still not working then you have to about-face and reinstall the updates.

8. Factory-Reset of Your Phone 

In case despite everything you’re confronting issues in the wake of having attempted the majority of the above, at that point you may have minimal decision yet to do a processing plant reset. This is an uncommon measure and there are results. The majority of your information will be lost. So you ought to play out a finish reinforcement in advance.

Once your information is upheld it’s a great opportunity to do a reset. Go to your Settings and tap Backup and reset. Presently, ensure the Back up my information slider is on. Tap Back up data to choose which account you need your information went down to. Guarantee you have access to this record.

Once you’ve done this, go to the Backup and reset menu and tap the Factory data reset button  at the base. Affirm that you
need to do this, and your telephone will be as it was the point at which you
gotten it. Your information will be reestablished when you log once more into your Google account.

The above steps helps to fix Play store not working issue on your Smartphone.
If you have any alternative ideas on fix play store not working.

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