How To Create A Free Wi-Fi Hotspot On Your Computer

All modern laptops comes with a free WiFi adapter that helps you enjoy free wireless network. The major problem we face as a laptop user is setting up a free Hotspot to share internet or files to other users. There are softwares that can enable you create hotspot services like Connectify but the premium version services is not affordable to most users. Microsoft is planning on bringing this feature in the next windows 10 build update but there is a way you can setup this feature for free.

In this article, I will explain extensively on how to create a  Free Wi-Fi Hotspot On Your PC

How To Create A Free Wi-Fi Hotspot On Your Computer 

Below are the steps on  how to create a free WiFi Hotspot on your Pc.
First navigate to your start menu and Search fro command Prompt.
1. Launch the command prompt. 
Remember to run it as administrator.
2. Now type the following in your Command Prompt
 type in netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=[SSID] key=[bpassword] 
Note: Enter your desired SSID name and bpassword without the quotes. as shown below
Presently press Enter and sit tight for around 5 seconds ,it’ll let you know whether you have effectively made a facilitated system. Presently next thing is to begin your as of now made hotspot. 

4. Now Type in netsh wlan begin hostednetwork and press Enter to start the network
To stop your hotspot type in netsh wlan stop hostednetwork and press Enter 
You’re not done yet my viewers. Presently to completely make this work,you need to turn on the Sharing features. Go to the Network Sharing Center,you can see this choice by right tapping on your Wifi symbol at the right base corner. 
5. Click Change Adapter Settings 
Presently you’ll see the hotspot you made with the hotspot name composed on it. 
Right Click on it and select Properties and select the Sharing tab,tick the choice that says “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection” go to the following drop down choice that says ‘Select private system connection‘,you’ll see the hostednetwork name you created,select it.
In the dropdown box right after below that, choose the network connection your computer is using currently and Click ok
You are good to go
 Presently you can share your internet connection to friends and loved ones.


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