Top Five Web Browser For Your Android Device

Recent Statistics has shown that almost 70% of people that browse the internet use their mobile device while remaining 30% make use of their Pc or other Internet device. Nowadays, Technology has made it easy to easily access any website at your fingertips with the aid of your mobile device. Most people that make use of Mobile devices are Android users and there is need to know the best Web Browser to browse the internet access at ease without much difficulty.

Some factors makes one Android Browser better than another. This factors may include Data Saving, Download accelerator, Adblock, Desktop view, Less Phone Storage, Data saving capability, complete privacy and other factors. Most Android Browser can almost do what a Pc web browses can do and in the next coming generation, there won’t be need to surf using your Pc instead you will be using your Android devices and tablets.

Top Android Web Browser For Your Device

1. Uc Browser

Uc Browser is currently one of the most downloaded Android Web Browser on Playstore with over 100 Million Downloads. Uc Browser helps to block annoying ads and pop ads that may discourage you from surfing those sites through the use of the ad-block addon. Uc Browser also helps to accelerate your Downloads there by saving time and data. Uc Browser can download almost all file and video extensions making it easier to download through your mobile device. It also has customizable themes to make your web browser look unique and colourful. It also has Desktop view which enables you to view sites in Desktop view using your Mobile device. It supports Data compression, Night Mode to protect the eye at Night and Facebook Notification Features. It has a rating of 4.5 onPlaystore

2. Chrome Browser

Chrome browser is the second best Android Browser with over 1 billion Downloads from Playstore. It is developed and maintained by Google. It loads web pages faster and easier. It has icognito Mode that helps hide your Browser privacy thereby giving you complete browser. One good thing about Chrome Browser is that you can synchronize you browsing history from one device to another through your gmail account. Most Lollipop and May devices, comes with Chrome browser inbuilt and it uses your phone downloader to download files from Chrome Browser. Chrome browser is easy to operate and use.

3. CM Browser

Cm Browser is a light Android Browser that consumes a little phone memory. It is a tiny app that enables you to use it at ease and it comes with an antivirus protection against Malware and Theft. I comes.with a Desktop View Mode that allows you to view Website in Desktop mode. It comes with Page Translator addon to translate Webpages to dfferent languages.It speeds up browsing thereby helping save data consumption.

4. Dolphin

This is one of the best Android Browser that comes with adblock, support incognito Browsing which gives you complete privacy while browsing. It comes with an adobe flash player which helps in video streaming online and it also comes HTMLI5 video player for playing Videos. I supports gesture features and Fast Downloads

5. Opera Browser

Operamini is one of the best data saving Android Web browser. It enables you to view your favorite sites with less data usage. It also enables you store your favorite sites on the Opera Home screen for easy access. It supports Video compression to watch videos online with less data usage. It also has Privacy option that gives you complete privacy when Browsing. It has over 100 Million Downloads on Playstore and rated 4.3
In conclusion, there are other Android Web Browsers but the above web browser are the best from my experience and usage. If you have any other Web Browser that you think is not part of the list or you feel is not listed above,  tell us using the comment thread

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