Things To Ought To Do Before Selling Your Android Phone

Before selling an Android phone, there are lots of things to consider before selling your Android phone to the new owner.  You will definitely not want to lose the data saved in your device or will you want to risk exposing your important data to the new owner.

Ensuring your Android phone is in good shape is another factor you must consider before selling your Android phone. Below are the few steps you should do before selling your Android phone.

1. Backup Your Files and Documents. 

Creating a backup of your ur files a d documents is really important so that you won’t lose those files that are important or you won’t risk exposing your important data to the new owner. You can easily copy your documents to Pc via a usb cable or try uploading it cloud storage like dropbox, datafilehost, google drive, mega or other cloud storage.
The most popular  cloud storage is google drive due to the fact that the disk bandwidth is unlimited and your documents are safe from expiring.
You can easily back up files and documents like photos, app data, bookmarks, calendar, contacts, videos,  chat logs.  In order to do it, go to Settings > Accounts > Google account and select all the data and files you want to sync for backup into your google drive.

2. Removing Passwords 

You also have to remove passwords such as face lock, pin, pattern etc from your Android device so that you can give the new owner full privilege of the device. This can easily be done by factory reset or turning off the password if any.

3. Factory  Reset 

Resetting your Android phone so that it can look new for the buyer is another good step to take. You should not use factory reset without backing up your files and data.
Enabling factory reset for your device would clear all data on your phone,by  including photos, music, documents, installed apps, contacts, calendar, and messages. This will keep your files safe from the new owner. 
To enable this, go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset.

4. Make The Android Phone Look Neat

You would really want to sell your Android phone at a good market price that would favour you but without your Android phone looking new and neat,  the buyer may  consider buying it at a lower price. 
You can easily make the phone look new and neat by changing the phone case, fixing new screen guard and phone pouch. By mere looking at a phone with good looks, you will be willing to purchase such Android phone without evening operating it. 

5. Removing The Memory Card

Most Android phones comes with a memory slot or SD card slot which helps expand the phone internal memory.
I can recall the last time I sold my Android phone, Samsung S4, I forgot to remove memory card before selling the phone. It was later I realized it but it was too late because I had already sold the phone with the memory card. 
But you may also consider selling the phone with the memory card,  make sure you backup the content and format it. 
You can easily format your SD card by navigating to Settings > Storage, then tap ‘Format SD card’.

These are the basic steps you ought to do before selling your Android phone. If you consider there are still some  missing steps,  notify using the comment. 
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