YouTube Red Now Finally Launched In Nigeria

YouTube Red is a paid service on YouTube, just like a subscription that gives you full access to YouTube, like the ability to watch videos without ads, download any type of video, play videos in the background while you do other things with your phone, and also get access to original content.

Everyone wants to invest in Nigeria because they know what they stand to gain, that’s why Google is bringing YouTube Red to Nigeria.

For now, we’re given a period of just 3months just to test it out to see how it works with just 99¢ as opposed to a monthly fee of $9.99.
Upon seeing this features YouTube Red is offering, this is all what i got to say.

For the fact that we are not disturbed by the Ads that shows on YouTube while streaming a video, i will say you should ignore YouTube Red.
If you are not interested in having full access to copyright videos, then you should ignore YouTube Red.
Anyway, if you already have an All Access subscription to Google Play Music which also includes YouTube RED then you should try YouTube RED. 

What’s your say about this new features YouTube is introducing here in Nigeria?


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