WhatsApp Latest Update That Allows You To Quote In Reply

Over the past few years WhatsApp has made much improvement on their android messenger app, each and everyday WhatsApp tries to bring in more new and fantastic features for us to use. Most of us have seen the latest features, if we have updated our WhatsApp, this new feature shows a reply button when you select any message you want.
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Whenever you select any message in any preferred conversation, be it text nor media message in private chat or group chat you can see a reply button at the top of the screen among the different options shown above. Tap it and then the quoted message will show up as a preview at the top of the text entry box where you can type in your reply message.

When you send your reply, it shows up inside the chat with the original quoted message attached at the top of it also with the sender’s color coded name.

If you haven’t gotten the latest WhatsApp update, you can download it from this link Here and test the feature by yourself and see how good it is, hope you would love it also. Also don’t forget to share with your friends also.
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