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After a long development period, VideoLAN is finally releasing VLC for Android 2.0. Our last major release was 1.7.0, more than 6 months ago. 
VLC for Android 2.0 is a major update to VLC for Android, that adds numerous features, notably, support for new releases of Android,network shares browsing and playback, videoplaylists, subtitles downloader, pop-up video view and support for multiwindows, an optionalhistory panel, favoritenetwork shares and URLs, and a merge between the Android TV and Android packages. We also offer faster decoding, using our new asynchronous hardware decoder and we’ve updated most of our codecs and formats support.


Permissions and Android N

The first good news is that we have decreased the number of dangerous permissions that VLC was using. The only permission that is now considered as dangerous is the access to media files, which is expected for a media player. On top of that, we support the Android N runtime permissions:

Network Browsing

One of the most requested features, since the creation of the application, was the playback of network shares and local servers in VLC. It’s mostly done.

We support DLNA/UPnPWindows Shares,FTP(S), SFTPNFS protocols to discover and browse your local servers or your NAS. And we also detect associated subtitles over the network!

Subtitles Download

If you want to download subtitles directly from OpenSubtitles, without going to the website, it’s now directly integrated in the application:

Video Playlists

As we’ve done for audio, we support basic video playlists


Another often requested feature, was the popup-video view, mostly for tablets.
It’s now implemented and we do supportSamsung MultiWindow and LG Dual Windowextensions to allow 2 applications on the same screen.


The history feature that was present in the 0.9.x days is also back, but can be disabled.

Advanced Options

We’ve improved the options of the video playerand we simplified the landscape/portrait modes


Finally, we’ve done a lot of work to support Right-To-Left and Complex Text Layout subtitles
We also improved the interface to support RTLlayouts.

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