Top Best Android Antivirus To Your Device

Antivirus is one of the best security app for Android device not only Android but all device. It helps to remove malware and viruses in any device.
A virus is a malware which when it gains access to a device,replicates by reproducing it self or infecting other programs by modifying them. Infecting installed apps and data files.When this replication succeeds, the affected areas are then said to be “infected“. If you’re not running some kind of anti-malware app on your Android smartphone or tablet, then you’re putting yourself at risk of infection from corrupted apps and other kinds of malware.

The good news is that your options are far from limited. The best mobile antivirus apps offer not only top-notch malware detection and prevention, but also a range of privacy and anti-theft features. These include the ability to back up your contacts and other data, track your phone or tablet using its internal GPS chip, snap a picture of a phone thief with the device’s camera, and even use your Android Wear smartwatch to locate your phone.
Most mobile security apps have both free and paid versions, but not all freemium antivirus products are created equal. We’ve rounded up apps from the biggest names in mobile antivirus protection — Avast, AVG, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Lookout, McAfee and Norton — and rated their apps based on setup, interface, usability, extra features and, of course, their anti-malware chops.
To gauge security protection, we used data from AV-Test, which rates most major security apps based on their ability to detect zero-day malware and other recent threats. We also used the Geekbench 3 app to measure the impact these security apps have on overall performance.

Now nobody wants to have this crazy malwares on their devices because they take the fun out of android smartphones that is why i have compiled a list of best android antivirus apps.

List of Best Android Security Antivirus App

1. CM Security: Best Malware Protection

CM security (Clean Master) is an award-winning security option and provides some of the best malware protection on Android. It’s made by Cheetah Mobile, a research company that produces credible reports on the state of the Android platform with regard to all things scam, and its dedicated app is fast and comprehensive. 
CleanMaster Security knows its business because it research malware for a living.
 © Cheetah Mobile
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2. 360 Security – Antivirus: Best Real-time Protection

360 (formerly known as Qihoo) is a long-standing and popular Android antivirus app with all the bells and whistles required to protect your phone. Naturally, it has an antivirus engine, which automatically scans your files and updates its definitions.

Each installation, whether from the Play Store or beyond, has to pass through 360 real-time protection before it can end up on your phone. On top of that, 360 is a system cleaner that cleans out junk files, frees up RAM and has some neat power-saving features too. 


3. Kaspersky Internet Security: Best Anti-phishing Protection

The PC version of Kaspersky is regularly showered with accolades and often voted the best internet security suite you can get. The free mobile version offers all the standard anti-malware protection you’d expect, as well as a whole host of anti-theft features.

Upgrade to the premium version (US$14.95 for one year), and you get anti-phishing protection for your text messaging, cloud protection and privacy protection when you surf the web.
One of the best PC internet security suites does a good job on Android too. /
 © Kaspersky Lab


4. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: best privacy manager
Malwarebytes built its reputation as one of the most lightweight PC protection tools around. The free Android version is a chip off the old block, focusing on ease-of-use rather than tons of features. It offers anti-malware protection, a privacy manager, and also scans apps that are behaving suspiciously.
The developers have also stayed ahead of the curve by integrating Malwarebytes with Android Device Manager – the remote tracking/anti-theft Android feature that effectively negates such features on many Android antivirus suites.

The Android version of Malwarebytes protects your device with minimal fuss. 
© Malwarebytes

5. AVL Pro Antivirus and Security:  Best Unterface

AVL antivirus is an efficient Android security option with an intuitive user-interface. While it doesn’t include some of the more advanced anti-theft features that can be found in similar apps, it’s great for your basic protection needs and less likely to impact your battery or damage performance than some. AVL comes highly recommended. 
AVL antivirus is a lean, clean virus-fighting machine.
© AVL Team

6. AVG Antivirus Security: Best for Protection and Anti-theft

AVG Antivirus is a free application that protects your smartphone in real time from viruses, malicious applications and other spyware. You can review your applications but also your files, settings and more.
There’s even an option to close apps that are significantly slowing your smartphone down or abusing your battery. Also, if you lose your device, you can block or delete your information and locate your device via Google Maps.
AVG is a well-known name in antivirus, and you can wipe your device remotely if necessary. 

7.  Avast! Antivirus & Security: most features

With avast, it is possible to perform automatic scans of your installed apps, the contents of your memory card as well as apps that you’re about to install. avast! also has SMS/call filtering and blocking and – in the case of theft – there are also remote lock and wipe options, GPS tracking, siren alert and even a notification if someone attempts to switch out SIM cards. Other features include a firewall, web shield and network meter.
avast! includes remote locking, wiping, and a firewall, among many other things. 
© AVAST Software
8. Norton Security Antivirus: Best Premium Version
Norton Security Antivirus is a free application that blocks and removes malware. Pay for the premium version, and you get a whole load more features, such as remote locking and Sneak Peak, which takes photos of people using your device if you’ve flagged it as stolen.
The premium version also includes App Advisor, which automatically checks apps for privacy risks, high battery use and suspicious behavior.
Norton Mobile Security is a one-stop shop for, you guessed it, mobile security. 
© NortonMobile
Above are the top list of Android Security that can protect your phone for malwares and viruses.
Which do you prefer any why? Tell us using the comment box.


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