For many people, when they think about Bluetooth, the first thing that comes to mind is the ability to connect their headsets wirelessly to their computer or smartphone. Bluetooth is more than just doing that. Lets take a look at some of the uses of Bluetooth. Bluetooth in many ways is like a jack of all trades, yet master of none. Seriously, we’ve had this technology up and running for more than 10-years, yet is unable to do what it sets out to do perfectly. 
But who cares, Bluetooth is available on almost every mobile device, so we can’t escape this ancient piece of tech.
For those only using Bluetooth to do just one thing, we’re going to talk about other uses for it. You may be surprised as to what this wireless standard is capable of.
Most devices today come with Bluetooth technology included. But if your computer does not have Bluetooth hardware you’ll need an external Bluetooth device, one that is capable of going directly into your computer’s USB port. You can visit a store or websites such as eBay or Amazon to find the best external USB Bluetooth device.

Uses Of Bluetooth You Ought To Know

1. Tethering
Yes, didn’t you know? It is possible to tether a smartphone to a computer. What this means, is that users can use Bluetooth to deliver internet connection from smartphone to computer. We always recommend wired tethering, but if you’re out of wires, this should work pretty well.
2. Transfer Files Wirelessly
Have some files on your smartphone you want to place on your computer? No worries, just connect your device via Bluetooth and send the files over to your computer. This is easy as saying your ABCs, so don’t worry about any possible complications that might follow.
Still, we should point out that transferring files via a wired connection is much better.
3. Linking Peripherals
It is not only possible to connect your headphone to your smartphone or computer via Bluetooth. For those who are interested, know that there are Bluetooth mouse and keyboards on the market. Users can even connect a Bluetooth game pad or even a speaker to get their music on. It’s fun, but only if these devices are in the right range.

You can also use Bluetooth technology to talk on your phone, drive safer if it is built into your car, secure your house with an alarm, play multi-player games and more!


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