How To Start Getting Cash and Airtime With MyLuckyzone

Making money and free airtime online with your Android. Instead of whiling away your time playing games, you can easy making money and free airtime and even free goods like tvs, blenders with your Android Smartphone. This can be made possible with an application.

This is an app that gives users points for browsing various sites within the app and when these points accumulate to a certain level they can be cashed out for either airtime or cash.

MyLuckyZone let’s you accumulate high number of points easily meaning it is much easier to earn with this app compared to myads and the rest.

MLZ(My Lucky Zone) app is easy to use and you can gain a good number of points in just a minute, when you browse through your favorite sites like Facebook, OLX, Konga, Dealdey, Jumia, MTNONLINE, ETISALAT e.t.c [All of these companies hired the makers of this app to attract visitors to their sites].

You can also gain extra points by referring friends and families. If you refer 5 people and stay online, you will be eligible for N500 airtime under the categories of Silver Sales.

You can also use your  gained points to bid for products like phones, TVs, Generator e.t.c

How Can I Earn Airtime And Cash On MyLuckyZoneApp

1. You need to signup and register a free account with uc browser or your phone’s browser

• Click Here to Sign up and Gain Unlimited access to mylucky zone

2.After signing up, check your mail box for a verification link, and click it to verify your account.

3.Download MyLuckyZone app HERE

4.Now Login with the App and go to “My Profile”.

5.Fill in all your profile details and remember to put your “mobile number”

6.View your balance by clicking “Products”
7.To refer the app to your friends click on the share button to share your Referral link with friends on social media e.g. Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Email e.t.c. to enable you earn more points

Note: After someone has used your email as referal email or after someone has used your referal link it will not reflect in the app until the person you referred has earned 1000 points or more.
If you are having any issues with the app try to update it to the latest version.

Quick tips
If you have referred 5 people you get access to silver sales
If you have refered 15 people you get access to gold sales
If you have referee 25 people you get access to platinum sales.
The product bidded using your points is a 50% chances of winning, if yoy win, you will be notified via email but if you lose, the point would be added back to your previous points


Payment proof

Note: The more time you spend on a website the more points you earn.

You can also withdraw the points as cash.
What are you waiting for!

Sign up with the link above or Click Here and start earning points 😉😱😀

If you have any questions, notify using the comment box.

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    • To make purchase, click on bid now, there are two chances, either you win or lose, if you win, the produce bidded would be shipped to you but If you lose, the points are returned to you after you earn new points, the more you bid, the more chances you have to win


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