News: You Can Stream Live Videos on Mobile Youtube

Youtube is at it again. They have successfully
introduce Livestreaming Features to its mobile
apps so content creators can broadcast video
straight from their phones. Although, it is kind of
surprising that one of the biggest Video Platform
took along time to update their website.
Do you know that Youtube has also enabled 360-
degress camera features but it only works when
your are using the 360-Degree camera. If you are
in Nigeria, you can get the 360-degree Camera on
Konga, Jumia and others. Meanwhile, you can
also get the camera’s from outside on Amazon,
Ebay and others.
And another bigger Social Platform that has
introduce the 360-degree camera is Facebook
while Twitter introduced their Periscope feature.
Although, Facebook will soon allow livestreaming
from MSQRD and this feature will pull viewers

into your broadcast.
Anyway, One might say that it is a war between
Twitter, Facebook and Youtube but the truth is
that, It is Not! The three help users to vastly like,
follow and subscribe different audiences. So, you
may probably follow more entertainers on
YouTube than the other two services, which are
home to your close friends as well as public
With incoming chat messages from viewers and
the ability to limit viewing to a private group if
necessary, the new update from Youtube looks
more like the Twitter Periscope . YouTube notes
that as with other video content on its platform,
you’ll be able to search for livestreams, find them
through recommendations and playlists and
protect them from unauthorized uses.
Be very much aware that the update is not yet
available for all Youtube user but it is currently
available for only the Youtube Creators. Stay
Updated, as we share you both creative and latest
News from Youtube.


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