MTN 4G LTE Now Available But Not Fully Launched

 MTN NG had acquired Visafone and there have been migrating subscribers of Visafone to their network. MTN Nigeria had also earlier promised to launch 4G LTE in Nigeria by July 2016 with the compatible frequency band of Visafone which their acquired. 
I am here to inform you that MTN 4G LTE has been launched by not officially. I searched for the MTN 4G network last night and am happy to tell you guys that after running little searches for available networks in Lagos, I confirmed that the MTN 4G network is already available, where I ran my searches but I will go around town today and see if its viral.

If you will be conducting your own search after reading this post, you find out that you can’t connect to the MTN 4G LTE network for now and use it. I hope it will be able to connect soon but we can still be happy for them for as there are the first among the big four Telecom operators in Nigeria to launch there 4G LTE.

By July, we hope the 4G LTE would be ready as promised by MTN and ready for connection. This would help make other Nigeria Networks launch their 4G LTE network and I know by that time, there would a cheaper data plan by that time.


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