Slot Price: List of Cheap SmartPhones, Tablet in Nigeria

Slot Nigeria is another best and amazing website, where you can get the latest and cheapest Android Smartphones at their best prices, latest and cheapest tablets and including the latest and cheapest Laptops, PC, Windows.
Today, we will be sharing with some of the best branded products to buy (including the popular and non-popular) but note that, the below list of phones consist of the best and also the cheapest price, which can be affordable for you to get at a more lower price.
When debuts into Nigeria, many feared as much but as I am talking to you now, Slot is among the top best visited Online Shopping Mall in Nigeria. Their goods are trusted and also affordable meanwhile other includes Jumia, Konga, Kaymu and the rest of them.
Slot Price: List of the Cheapest Smartphones and all Mobile Phones in Nigeria
The Slot Price list of Smartphones includes the popular brands like Blackberry, Nokia, SAMSUNG, Apple, Huawei, HTC, Archos, TECNO, Infinix, Lenovo, LG, Wiko, Opsson, Sony Xperia, SOLO, Gionee, Obi, Asus, Fero, Xiaomi and many others. And the below prices are all updated to this year current prices. Meanwhile, be very much aware that the below prices are all under N50k!
Where to Buy Android Mobile Smartphones in Nigeria
*. You can buy from Konga Nigeria  byCLICKING HERE.
*. You can buy from Jumia Nigeria byCLICKING HERE.

Cheap Smartphones And Tablets In Slot Nigeria 

1. Blackberry Mobile Phones

Lets start from the Blackberry category, we are all aware that Blackberry are still breathing the technology shaking air… That is to say, Blackberry Phones are still living under probability. They can fall down any day and give up the Ghost. Facebook and Whatsapp have announced on their official pages that, they will no longer function well on BB phones unless they do a little upgrade meanwhile, a popular online store (we do not want to mention the name) has removed them from their online stores.
But currently, Slot are still selling their Mobile Phones. Their phones are cheap but also a little bit costly. Below are the Slot Price_List of all Blackberry Smartphones in Nigeria.
*. BLACKBERRY Z10 (WHITE) is ₦49,000
*. BLACKBERRY Q5 (RED) is ₦34,000
*. BLACKBERRY Q10 (Arabic) White is ₦43,000
*. Blackberry Z3 is ₦29,000
*. BLACKBERRY Q5 (WHITE/PINK) is 37,000.00
*. BLACKBERRY Q10 (WHITE) is ₦46,000
*. BlackBerry Q5 (BLACK) is ₦37,000
*. BLACKBERRY Z10 (WHITE) is ₦49,000
Note from Slot:- There is a two 2% margin in prices outside Lagos.

2. Nokia Mobile Phones

Nokia focus on the human possibilities of technology to help people thrive and it increases the Vibe of young man. Nokia no longer the butt of tech jokes. And after Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile division, and then swiftly gave up on making more Nokia phones
The below Nokia Mobiles comes with dual Sim, 3G, Wi-Fi, NFC; Quad Core, 1.2 GHz Processor; 1GB of RAM +, 8GB+ 2220 mAH Battery +, 4.7 inches +, 720 x 1280 px display. The below are the list of all Slot Nokia Phones in Nigeria.
*. Nokia Lumia 550 + Free N4,000 Airtime is ₦32,000
*. Nokia Lumia 820 is ₦26,500
*. Nokia asha 230 dual (NEW) is ₦19,500
*. NOKIA LUMIA 630 is ₦26,000
*. Microsoft Lumia 535 + Free N4,000 Airtime is ₦26,500
*. Nokia Lumia 640 XL is ₦43,000
*. Microsoft Lumia 540 + Free N5,000 Airtime is ₦36,000

3. Samsung Mobile Phones

You can stay ahead of mobile technology by browsing Samsung smartphones & cell phones by carrier, feature & contract type. Find the right phone for you! The Samsung Mobile just launches the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge along with its monster, Galaxy Active 7. Let’s checkout the price list of all Samsung Phones on Slot.
*. Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (G361) New is ₦35,500
*. Samsung J110 J1 ACE is ₦26,500
*. Samsung J105H J1 Mini is ₦25,000
*. Samsung Galaxy J2 is ₦39,500
*. Samsung galaxy GRAND PRIME (G530H) is ₦36,000
*. Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 Edition is ₦37,500
*. Samsung Galaxy J3 is ₦50,000
*. Samsung Grand Prime G531 is ₦46,500
*. Samsung Galaxy (J100) J1 ACE is ₦26,500

4. HUAWEI Mobile Phones

The latest Huawei Mobile Phone are the P9 and the P9 plus. Their specification are really awesome and amazing. Lets checkout the full prices of all Huawei Android Smartphones available on the official Slot Nigeria Online Mall in Nigeria.
*. HUAWEI Y3 + Solar Torch is ₦17,500
*. HUAWEI Y6 Pro G POWER is ₦46,000
*. Huawei Honor 4C is ₦47,000
*. Huawei Y5 is ₦22,000
*. Huawei MediaPad T1 7.0 is ₦37,500

5. HTC Mobile Phones

You can buy the latest HTC Mobile Phones online at low prices in Slot Nigeria. Browse HTC Dual sim phones, Popular HTC smart phones includes HTC One, HTC Desire and many more under N50k on the Slot Official Page.
*. HTC Desire 526 DUAL + Free N1,500 Airtime is ₦32,000
*. HTC Desire 620G Dual + Free N1,500 Airtime is ₦44,500
*. HTC Desire 320 + Free N1,500 Airtime is ₦27,500

6. Tecno Mobile Phones

Tecno android phones are highly on demand. Tecno mobiles keeps on bringing out innovative Android phones with the Tecno Camon C8 being its latest Tecno smartphone while the Tecno C9 as the upcoming phone. Below are the Price list of all Slot Smartphone.
*. Tecno H7 is ₦29,000
*. Tecno L8 is ₦33,000
*. TECNO W4 is ₦25,000
*. Tecno Boom J8 is ₦44,000
*. Tecno 7C Pro is ₦30,000
*. Tecno Y2 is ₦14,500
*. Tecno L5 is ₦20,500
*. Tecno C5 is ₦33,500
*. Tecno Camon C8 is ₦38,000
*. Tecno Y6 is ₦23,000
*. TECNO 8H DROIPAD is ₦38,500
*. Tecno L8 Plus is ₦35,000

7. Infinix Mobile Phone

Infinix Mobility always launches one of the cheapest Android Smartphone in Nigeria and at Slot Nigeria, you can get alot of cheap smartphone. Below are the full list of the tablet online on Slot Nigeria.
*. Infinix HOT Note 2 (16GB, 1GB RAM) is ₦39,500
*. Infinix HOT Note 2 (16GB, 2GB RAM) is ₦44,000
*. Infinix Snokor (Z5000) is ₦20,500
*. INFINIX HOT 3 X554 (16GB + 1GB RAM) – GREY is ₦30,500
*. INFINIX HOT 3 X554 (16GB + 2GB RAM) is ₦33,000

8. Lenovo Mobile Phones

With the latest Lenovo Android Smartphone on sale on Slot Nigeria. You can start using a high-tech Android phones at a cheaper price. Lenovo Group Ltd. is a Chinese multinational technology company with headquarters in Beijing, China, and Morrisville, North Carolina, United States.
*. Lenovo A859 is ₦23,500
*. Lenovo VIBE P1M (2GB & 16GB) is ₦33,000
*. Lenovo A2010 is ₦19,500
*. Lenovo A1000 is ₦15,500
*. LENOVO A7000 is ₦40,000
*. LENOVO S860 is ₦41,000
*. Lenovo S960 is ₦42,000
*. Lenovo A536 is ₦21,500
9. Archos Mobile Phones
Archos is a French multinational electronics company that was established in 1988 by Henri Crohas. Archos manufactures tablets, smartphones, portable media players and portable data storage devices. ARCHOS is a pioneer in Android smartphone and they also have portable audio and video player market that has repeatedly revolutionized the consumer electronics market since 1988.Below are the full prices of all Archos Mobile Phones on Slot.
*. Archos 50B PLATINUM is ₦26,500
*. ARCHOS 50C NEON is ₦23,000
*. ARCHOS 70B COPPER is ₦18,500
*. ARCHOS 55 Platinum is ₦31,000
*. Archos 40D Titanum is ₦16,000
10. Wiko Mobile Phones
Most of the Wiko Mobile Phones appearance has various stylish design and they are all improved with a metallic frame. The Wiko Slide 2 has character and a finest look that will not get ignored. Let’s check out the list of all Wiko Mobile Phones on the Slot Nigeria website
*. WIKO FIZZ is ₦13,500
*. Wiko Lenny 2 is ₦25,000
*. Wiko Sunset 2 is ₦14,500
*. Wiko Rainbow Jam is ₦29,000
*. Wiko Ridge is ₦43,000
*. Wiko Highway Signs is ₦30,000
*. Wiko Getaway is ₦24,000
*. Wiko Rainbow is ₦26,000
*. Wiko Bloom is ₦20,000
*. Wiko Lenny is ₦18,000
*. Wiko Sunset ₦12,000
*. Wiko GOA is ₦8,500
*. Wiko Slide 2 is ₦30,000
Where to Buy Android Mobile Smartphones in Nigeria
Jumia and Konga has wide-ranges of Android Smartphones, where you can order them and get it delivered to your house within the period of 2-7 days; this is applicable to all states outside Lagos meanwhile, it is 24hours delivery in Lagos.
*. You can buy from Konga Nigeria  byCLICKING HERE.
*. You can buy from Jumia Nigeria by CLICKING HERE.
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