Infinix Upcoming SmartPhone That Features Fingerprint Scanner

Infinix will stop at nothing to keep dominating the Nigeria Android Market and this time they’re coming with a bang.  Welcome first Infinix device that will come with a Fingerprint Lock (scanner) that unlocks even faster than iPhone.

We are yet to confirm when this device will be released but we are sure it will drop very soon and yes this year maybe next month though.
Rumor has it that the Infinix device will come with a 64 bit CPU, Android Marshmallow 6.0, 13.0MP rear camera and  2GB ram for better performance they have also decided to not release a 1GB RAM variant for the device due to performance and ram optimization of the Android 6.0
The image above confirms the talk that Infinix device will truly come with a Fingerprint Lock placed below the camera and flash light. Due to the economy crisis of the nation we can only speculate that this device will cost more than 50 thousand Naira [200usd] but we are yet to confirm the battery capacity we hope it comes with a bigger battery than her predecessors. Can you guess the name of this device? Let’s us hear from you via the comment section below. But am sure this is quite likely  Note 3.


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