How To Write In Bold, Italics And Underline Text On Whatsapp

We had earlier notified that Whatsapp messenger would implement some features in their upcoming updates on how to write Text in Bold, Italics and Underline. Some people thought Whatsapp wouldn’t implement those features but in their recent update, we got to notice those features had been implemented and in this post, I will explain how to use those features while texting to your loved ones and friends. 

How To Text Using Bold, Italics and Underline On Whatsapp

To Text In Bold on Whatsapp, you need to insert an asterisk (*) before and after the chosen words. e.g*Skilztools*

To Text In italicize On Whatsapp messenger, you need to insert an underscore (_) before and after the chosen words. e.g _Skilztools_

To Text or Write Underlined/Crossover Words On Whatsapp Messenger, you need to insert (~) sign  before and after the text. e.g ~Skilztools~

That’s all you need to do to enjoy this new features while texting on Whatsapp Messenger, You can now surprise you friends and loved ones with this tricks and make them eager to learn how to use it while they are also texting on Whatsapp.



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