How To Unlock Modems Using DC Unlocker

Dc Unlocker is a universal USB modem unlocker used for unlocking Huawei Modems, ZTE Modems and Branded Modems.
Branded modems and routers are modems and routers that come with a network provider which is in your location. The examples of branded modems are MTN, Verizon, Airtel modems and Swift, Spectranet routers. Unlocking your modem is more of a transformation process – You are taking your modem or router which was in chains and setting free to roam any and all SIMs without any restrictions.

This method doesn’t seem to work with the Huawei E303 being issued by Nigerian networks like MTN, GLO and Airtel over the last few months. Though I have an older version, like Huawei E5372 Modems, which I easily unlocked without any complications, I was forced to unlock my MTN Huawei E303 modem which I later succeeded to unlock by using DC Unlocker. It’s an MTN modem and none of my existing softwares worked, I bought some credit from DC Unlocker. Unlocking it isn’t hard so far you know the right steps to follow but you must have a PayPal account to get this done (till a free software that does it is released). If you don’t have a PayPal account, you should check the last part of this article.
How to Buy Credits from DC Unlocker
– To purchase credits, go to this page
– Fill the form correctly with the amount of credit you need.
– Log in to PayPal, make the transaction and when you get redirected to DC Unlocker website, the displayed page shows your chosen username and your given password. Be sure to copy this to a notepad and save right away.
Follow these simple steps to Unlock your Huawei E303 Modem
– Download the latest version of DC Unlocker client here and install.
– Connect your modem and run the software. Be sure you close the default dashboard software for your modem.
– Select your device model from the drop-down menu and then click on the magnifying glass icon to allow the program detect your device

– Now click Server and enter your username andpassword under login options, click on check login.
You must Connect your PC to internet by use of phonevia external gateway or nokia PC suit.[Important!!!]
The essence of doing so is to to be able to access DC-Unlocker server to confirm your account credit.
Remember, you cannot plug two Modems on one PC at a time. Make use of phone as a modem in order to connect(use PC Suite or bluetooth gateway) your PC to DC-Unlocker server.

– With that in place, select Unlocking and simply hit the “Do job” button.

– As shown above, the modem was unlocked successfully.
You can now use any SIM on your Huawei E303 modem. You can as well use this method to unlock any other USB modem so far it’s supported by the unlocker. If you’re using other old ZTE or Huawei modem, you can unlock the modem for free if you check this post.

If you have questions, you can let me know by replying below.

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