How To Play PC Games on Android, iPhone and Windows Phones

Playing PC game is of great fun because of the high quality display graphics and its more adventurous and easy to control. Technology is really moving to the next generation. With bluestack and other android emulators, you can run Android applications on PC but image running PC applications an and Android Smartphone, iPhone or even Windows Smartphone 

In this article, I will easily enlighten you on how to run PC games on your Android device, iPhone and Windows Smartphone.

How to Play PC Games on Android, iPhone and Windows mobile

Actually, with the help of an app called remotr, we can easily remote PC games on our android, iPhone and windows phone device. So, the app makes it possible to play PC hames on android, iPhone and windows mobile. Apart from games, you can play stream through anything (no matter the quality) on your device, as long as it starts from the PC.
With Remotr you can play your favorite PC games on your mobile, enjoying the same high quality graphics no matter where you are.
The Remotr program lets you stream high resolution and graphic intensive games straight to your tablet, android, iPhone, iPad or windows mobile. It also lets you play games using gesture for devices that comes with such functionality and some other pre-configured button presets; you can customize yours if you wish.
The good thing using this program is that the game stream rate is fast and responsive, it works smooth (no matter the android or mobile device you’re using, it’s all covered), lets you to connect multiple devices and the design of the program comes with smooth interface which makes it user-friendly.

How to make use of Remotr Program from PC and Mobile

1. Firstly, download the “Remotr” program for your computer
2. Install the program and create a new account with them from their website
3. After that, download the remotr app for your mobile device; don’t worry download links for mobile app provided below.
4. Login the created account on your mobile
5. After that, select your computer and also the PC games you wish to run on your mobile
6. Configure settings and you’re good to go.

Where to download Remotr for Mobile


For iPhone, you must be running Apple iOS 8.0+ and above

For Android device, you must be running Android 4.1 and above

For Windows Smartphones, you must be running Windows 10 and above

That’s it… once you’re done, you can begin gaming. You can also remotr the games on TV and enjoy your favorite PC games on TV. Hope this helps, if you encounter any difficulty implementing any of the above procedure, please do let me know via comment section.

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