How To Activate/Subscribe The New Etisalat Socialme Daily Pak

I hope we all remembered Etisalat socialme which we used for quite a long time via VPN apps like Zyphon, Psiphon, Netify to power all apps on our Android phone before Etisalat decided to limit the plan by placing a data capacity for the weekly and monthly plans. 

The plan was officially for Social media apps like whatsapp, bbm, Facebook, instagram etc. And it was unlimited until Etisalat placed a data capacity for the plans.

The weekly plan is now capped 300MB for N150 and the code is still the same – *343*6*10# 

While the monthly is capped 700mb for N500 and the code to subscribe is still the same thing – *343*6*11#.  

But the news now is that, Etisalat has launched the daily plan for Socialme which goes for N50 daily. 


Kindly dial *343*6*15# – goes for N50 daily. 

I haven’t confirmed if its unlimited or data capped. I will keep you guys updated when i do. 

I just pray it is unlimited..
For those than have activated the plan, you can share the data plan experience using the  Comments widget

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