How To Activate Facebook SMS Features On Android

The Facebook SMS feature which has been anticipated for a while, is now live! This means, you can now send text messages via Facebook messenger app to all your friends and family. This is coming 3 months after Facebook announced the Facebook Messenger for Android beta program that will give people who opt-in access to the latest versions of Messenger for Android before the general release. Here we are! If you have the latest app version running,  here is how to activate it.

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How To Activate Facebook SMS Feature On Your Android

To activate the Facebook Text Feature, simply go to Messenger settings, select “SMS”and turn on “Default SMS App.” This will ensure all your SMS conversations appear in Messenger as purple threads, alongside your blue Facebook chats.

Facebook Messenger will sync all your SMS and MMS messages, then integrate them into your conversation list. You can distinguish between Messenger and text messages with color; the former in blue, the latter in purple.

This means all of your text messages will be sent and received on the Messenger app. Your SMS conversations will be in purple to differentiate them from the default Messenger blue. Obviously for personal users, this is really useful to avoid flipping back and forth between Messenger and phone texts between friends. For business owners who use their phone for business, this could make customer service even more personal and accessible.

This feature is only for the Android app due to the limitations of iOS. But seeing as Apple’s own Messaging is getting a lot of these Messenger-like enhancements — emojis, stickers etc — iPhone users probably aren’t missing out too much.

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