Apple Charters Delicate-Looking All-Glass iPhone Design

Apple designs phones that other OEMs copy and this has been going on for a while. There are quite a lot of phones in the market that imitate the design of the iPhone 6. This will always happen as long as Apple keeps designing great devices worthy of emulation.

A new patent filed by Apple suggests an all-glass phone that can best be described as wild. Well, Apple has several patents and quite a lot of companies do this just to protect their ideas.
The patent was filed in April last year but was just published.  It shows a device with a wrap-around display which is described as a “portable electronic device with a wraparound display.” The charter reads:
For example, a flexible display can be folded in such a way as to form a continuous loop such that images (still or video) can be presented in a wrap-around manner in which the images appear to be presented in a continuous loop. The flexible display can be folded into a tightly wound configuration and placed within an enclosure at least a portion of which is transparent. In some cases, the enclosure can be formed of glass at least a portion of which is made opaque (at least translucent) by the addition of ink or other masking material. In other cases, however, the entire enclosure can be fully transparent in which case the folded flexible display can unwind when placed within the glass enclosure. Once fully unwound, the flexible display can present images at any portion of the glass enclosure.
The design is illustrated as shown below:
This concept has been around for a while, it was actually first filed in 2011 and granted last year. This newly granted patent details the concept even more with added features not seen in the original filing. The patent describes what Apple explains as removable end caps, this is similar to LG G5 modules:
This configuration would allow the end caps to be easily removed for maintenance purposes. In another embodiment the removable end cap could also allow users to add end caps with additional functionality. For example, an end cap could be installed that would allow two devices to be connected together and act as one system. This could be as simple as having an end cap with a male data connector designed to attach to data connector 218 of another similar portable electronic device 200. In yet another embodiment an alternate end cap could have an improved camera or a different set of wireless antennae

If Apple decides to go ahead with this design, a future iPhone could look just like this:

As mentioned before, this is only a patent and Apple may never create a phone that looks likes this. But hey, this design looks very delicate, but wild.

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