How To Subscribe To Glo Cheap Data Monthly Bundle

Various networks in Nigeria have upgraded their internet data plans making it a bit affordable to buy a long lasting data plan.
It started with MTN, then etisalat and airtel, Now Glo has finally upgraded their internet data plan and have not left customers behind. 


Glo has finally introduced their affordable glo internet data plan that lasts for a duration of 30days. 

How To Subscribe To Glo Cheat Monthly Data Bundle

Below are new affordable glo monthly data plans and their activation codes
Plan Name Price (N) Data Volume Validity SMS to 127 USSD Code
Always Micro 1,000 1.5GB 30 Days 53 *127*53#
My Phone 2,000 3GB 30 Days 55 *127*55#
So Special 2,500 5GB 30 Days 58 *127*58#
Always Macro 3,000 6GB 30 Days 54 *127*54#
N4,000 Data Plan 4,000 9GB 30 Days 59 *127*59#
Always Min 5,000 12GB 30 Days 11 *127*2#
Always Max 8,000 24GB 30 Days 12 *127*1#
Silver 10,000 11GB 30 Days 15 *127*11#
Gold 15,000 17GB 30 Days 16 *127*12#
Platinum 18,000 21GB 30 Days 17 *127*13#
Are you out of data before end of your validity or you just want added data to your current plan? Boost your data plan by 1GB for just N500 OR by 300MB for just N200. 
Dial *777# to buy extra data (1GB Data Plan Boost is for 1GB plans or higher)

 This is a new improvement from Glo and it works on all devices whether PC, Android, symbian, iOS, java etc.

If you have any issue subscribing or notice any flaw in the internet services, you can notify using the comment box.

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