Working Mtn Blaast Config File On Simple Server

Mtn blaast mb is still blazing on simple android server. It works flawlessly if you are in an area with good internet connection. 
It works not on Neetloop but on Simple Android Server v3.7

=> Download Simple Android Server v3.7.0 Here

Download and Install it.
You will also need to download Blast Mb config file .json for Simple Android Server

=> Download Blast Mb Config File For SAS

Once downloaded, launch your Simple Android Server v3.7.0 and at the top right corner click on Load Config as shown below

Locate the Blaast Mb config file and click on it to import it into Simple Server. It would be successfully imported.
Now turn on your mobile data and start your Simple Android Server and Start blazing Blaast Mb on Your Android Device.

If you experience any problem, ask using the comment box.


    • Tweak this any of this imei:

      1. 358429064684664 (Change the last 4 digit by
      2. 866480013345720 (Change the last 4 digit by
      After successful tweaking
      Send MIFI or LYTE to 131
      And you will receive a message saying '' Y'ello, your
      free 60mb data plan has been activated…….''
      Now Dial *559*25# to check your free 2go 3GIG and
      2gb for Blaast mb


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