TWRP Recovery v3.0.2 For Tecno L6

Many people are quite aware of CWM(ClockworkMod) Recovery but haven’t had a taste if TWRP recovery for their Tecno Android Device. Twro Recovery has a better look and more features than CWM Recovery.
Twrp Recovery is finally available for Tecno l6
Twrp Recovery is an advance recovery for which is good for flashing recovery, boot, Rom and other flashing.

Features Of The TWRP Recovery
1. Nvram backup
2. boot.img backup
3. Recovery.img backup
4. Uboot backup
5. Emmc repair
6. Recovery.img and boot.img install/flash
7.more features now working.
8.Most features working…
9. TWRP features working without any bug
Lots more….

Note: We are not responsible if you brick your phone while flashing the TWRP recovery in your device

Download link
Download TWRP v3.0.2 For Tecno L6



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