Netify Vpn: New Moded Psiphon3 pro

Netify Vpn is an new moded Psiphon3 pro by Odiseo Onze. Some one from my WhatsApp group shared it to me and told me I should teach him how to configure it. It is just like Psiphon handler or Syphon Shield handler but with new looks and new configuration settings. No need to bother yourself on how to configure it, I made a video tutorial on how to easily configure it because some people might not understand it If I send screenshots of the settings.
One thing I like about Netify Vpn is that it’s adfree, works good in phones with less than 512 Ram and it connects fast If you configure it properly.
Netify Vpn is a great improvement and I believe more updates will be rolling out soon. Good news is that it works with all Settings I.e Mtn bblite, Mtn music plus, Etisalat 0.0k free browsing, Etisalat Smart pack but note that Chat pack is currently not working properly.
It doesn’t require any app like autoproxy or proxydroid to power all app because once connected, it automatically powers all apps

Video Tutorial On How to Use Netify Vpn

Watch Video Tutorial directly on YouTube Here

Download link
If you are confused, feel free to ask questions using the comment box



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