Mtn Musicplus Reborn 2016

As we are enjoying Mtn Free Browsing and Downloading  , I am here to announce to Skilztools Viewers that Mtn Musicplus is back and better for real. Many people have been experiencing problems using Mtn Free Browsing and Downloading but with this new Mtn Musicplus Reborn 2016, you will have start enjoying internet access to its optimum use.
No need to send I or d or id to 5900 or be using Sms Scheduler. This one is easier and better.
All you need is the Psiphon Settings. I advice you use Psiphon 108 Handler or Netify or higher version of Psiphon Handler

RECOMMENDED: Download The New Psiphon 108 Handler apk

Psiphon Settings
Proxy Type: Real Host Or Dual Real Host
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type: Default or HTTP
Real Proxy Port: 80

Save it and Select Region as “Best Performance” or “United States”
Click on More Option
Tick Connect Through Http Proxy
Host Address:
Port: 8080

Click back and start your Internet connection. Start flexing your Internet
Note: You don’t need to be sending D or I to 5900 just use the Psiphon Handler Settings above and start enjoying.
I don’t have any Musicplus Mb but flexing it with the settings above
Mtn is really doing more good than harm this year
If your Internet speed becomes slow, off your Psiphon handler, your Internet network and on them back

Enjoy while it lasts

If you have any problem, ask using the comment box. Drop your testimonies.


  1. admin u can post this on your site. the tweakware mod u posted here works with the free facebook zero data that sas can't power up except through vpn n it also disconnects on sas bt nt on the tweakeare mod. just use real host: tick remove port … connect through the http proxy: good job site owner. bye to simple server now netloop.


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