How to clear cache in Android 6.0

Most people using android Marshmallow find it difficult clearing cache of apps in their android device.
Cache are not really important in Android devices because they consume space in your android device. Some
 people maybe wondering what Cache is. Let me tell you a brief meaning about cache. Let me use Google play store for example. When using Google playstore for instance, it’ll save images and other pieces of the stories you’ve read so that they don’t have to be downloaded each and every single time the app needs them. This saves you time and data.

But maybe you want to clear an app’s cached data, either to regain some used space, or to try to fix a misbehaving app.
To I’m going to tell you how to clear Google play store cache in Marshmallow. Google play store is prone to errors and one way to solve those error problem is by clearing cache.

Video Tutorial On How To Clear Cache On Android 6.0

Watch directly on YouTube HERE
 In previous versions of Android, resetting and clearing the data and cache of an app was obvious. All you had to do was go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications, tap on the Google Play store and tap the ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’ buttons. In Android 6.0, these buttons aren’t there any more and the process is now slightly different.

First, Go to the Settings app and click Apps. Tap on the Google Play Store app and press on ‘Storage’.

When you click on the ‘Storage’ section, a new screen will appear showing you the ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’ buttons for the Google Play Store app.
Tap on ‘Clear Cache‘ to clear Playstore Cache.

This works for all others apps in Android 6.0. Clearing the cache of an app rarely creates a problem but clearing the data of an app makes you lose all your data and saved files of the app so I advice you don’t click on clear data unless you know what you are doing.


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