How To Change Imei Number of Any Rooted Android Phone

Many Android users have found it difficult changing the Imei Number of their Android device. I have received many complaints that Android Marshmallow 6.0 can tweaknimei no in Mobile Uncle and Some other Imei Tweaking Apps. This post will help you solve the problem of Imei Tweaking and also solve the problem of Invalid/Unknown Imei in Android Phone
The app used to Change the Imei Number is called Chamelephon.  It is a very small but powerful app. Small in the sense of Application size and big in the manner of its great importance

How To Change Imei Number or Solve The Problem of Invalid Imei Number in Android Device

Before you change your Imei, Note that Imei Changing is Illegal in Some countries and you will solely be held responsible on how you use this Tutorial Guide
1.You need to download the chamelephon app first
2. After downloading the app, Install it 
make sure you phone is rooted before you start using it
3. Once you open the Chamelephon app, you will prompted to grant Root permission. Grant it root authority and continue

4. You will now be in the home of the app. Input the Imei no of your choice the either Imei 1 or Imei 2 depending on your choice.
You solving problem of Invalid Imei, check for the Original Imei of your Android device at the back of your phone and Input it in either Imei 1 or Imei 2

5. You will be prompted to confirm the changes. Click ‘Change’ to confirm changes or ‘Cancel’ to ignore changes

6. Once you have confirmed changes, Reboot your phone to apply the changes made 

You have successfully changed ypur Imei Number or Solve problem of Invalid/Null Imei Problem in your Android Device
If you encounter any problem you can ask in the comment box below



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