Glo Increases Its Monthly Blackberry Bundle

Seems Glo have noticed that it’s not only Glo Blackberry users that can use their monthly Blackberry Bundle. Android with bb Imei have been enjoying Glo Bis on their Android device, so Glo decided to discourage some users from subscribing to their monthly plan by increasing the price from #1000 to #1400 due to the numerous users.
This is not really a good news for Glo Bis users because they have to lay an additional #400 for Glo Monthly Bis. I would rather prefer Mtn Bbmidid plan thats capped 10Gb or more with Psiphon Handler or Simple Server but If you would like to continue enjoying Glo Bis, then you have to pay #14000 monthly Payment.

How To Subscribe To New Glo Bis Plan
The Glo Blackberry plan changed as well as the activation code. No more sending Comonth to 777 because it won’t work.
Try using the New Glo Bis Codes below
-For Weekly Glo Blackberry plan @#400 for 400 mb Send BBCWeek to 777

-For Monthly Glo Blackberry plan @#1400 for 3Gb Send BBCMONTH to 777

Glo has really changed the Blackberry plan, thought it would be for the better but it seems otherwise.
Seems Glo Users might start porting to other Networks.


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