How To Browse Etisalat Smart Pack On Psiphon On Android

It has been obvious that many people have found it difficult configuring their Smart pack(both chat pack and smart pack) on Psiphon handler

Today I will tell you how to you Etisalat Smart pack on psiphon handler

First; subscribe for the Etisalat Smart pack data bundle
  For chat Pack weekly=> Dial *200*3*3*1*2*1# for N150-valid for 7days 
For Social Pack Weekly => Dial  *200*3*3*2*2*1# for N300-valid for 7days 
For Social Pack Monthly=> Dial *200*3*3*1*2*1#  or *343*6*11# for N500-valid for 1month 

For Chat Pack Weekly =>>Dial *343*5*6# @
for N150-valid for 1 week
For Socialme >> dial @
NOTE: You must be on easycliq to
use Social Pack plan . Dial *244*1# to
migrate to easycliq. 
To deactivate the autorenewal plan dial *343*5*0#

Psiphon Configuration For Etisalat Smart Pack

Download and install Psiphon82Handler or Psiphon100Handler or Psiphon Advance Handler

Go to your phone settings and Create New APN settings  
APN: etisalat 

APN Type: default

Save and set it as your phone default apn.
Launch your PSIPHON HANDLER and in proxy type select real host or dual real host
proxy server input, proxy type select HTTP or Inject and click save as in the pic below:

Click more options, 

Tick connect through Http Proxy, tick use the following settings and in 
Host address input:
 port 3128
 Press back and exit the Psiphon Handler and re-launch it again
If it doesn’t connect click HERE to visit my proxy page to change the host address and port if it doesn’t connect.
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