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Most Xclusivetek viewers have been flexing Glo free browsing with Tweakware VPN on Android and Glo free browsing on PC with betagol. I had earlier depend anonytun settings for global but it seems to be slow and most of our Whatsapp users complained to me so I decided to drop new anonytun settings from our Xclusivetek Glo viewers.

New Glo N0.0kb Unlimited Free Browsing 2017 Via AnonyTun

Here are the settings for Glo 0.00kb Free browsing, Carefully set AnonyTun VPN Apk to start enjoy stable connection.
✔ First, download AnonyTun VPN from the link below
Anonytun free apk download
✔ Tap to Open AnonyTun VPN
✔ Click on Stealth Settings.
Turn on Stealth Tunnel.
✔ Change Connection Protocol to HTTP.
✔ Connection Port: select any one that work faster and better from 8081; 9201; 443; 8080; 80 depending your location.
✔ Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers and Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
then set it as follows
👉 Tap EDIT CUSTOM TCP/HTTP HEADERS. Under HTTP Headers: input redirect.glo.com or redirect.glo.com/
👉 Request method: GET
👉 Injection method: Normal.
👉 Query Method: Leave as it is.
👉 Extra Headers: tick Forward Host, Keep-Alive and User-Agent.
✔ click on Generate and tap save. Click back button and click save.

Launch connect button and you are good-to-go. Cheers.
anonytun settings for glo

Set your phone APN as either "gloflat, or, glosecure, or, 176.90.6868.67:4430®_Ultra, or, glo3gpvideo". Enjoy.
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