Friday, 17 March 2017

New Etisalat Remote Tweak Unlimited Free Browsing Using Tweakware

You can now download, surf, browse, stream online videos, play online games, watch live videos and others, using latest Tweakware version 5.8 and future versions. In this lastest Tweakware version, it has a new feature called Remote Tweak, it can be used to browse for free without paying a dime and is unlimited.

This Etisalat unlimited free browsing is unlimited which means it doesn't have data limit particularly, using the premium server while the free server has limit to 350MB or 400MB. So upgrade to premium server and enjoy it unlimitedly.

This free browsing can be used on PC by tethering your connection. So let's see how to activate this on Tweakware.

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How To Activate Etisalat Remote Tweak Unlimited Free Browsing On Tweakware

  • Firstly, you have to download latest version of Tweakware by clicking here on playstore or download it locally by Tweakware 5.8 apk.
  • Then launch or open your Tweakware application. 
  • Then tap on SETTINGS at the top-right corner of your Tweakware homepage.
  • Then scroll down and tap on REMOTE TWEAK and make sure you have at least 1MB to install the remote tweak.

  • After installation, you can then go back to your Tweakware homepage.
  • Select REMOTE TWEAK under bundle lists.
  • Then finally, use one of the FREE SERVERS to connect or PREMIUM SERVERS

Note: Free Servers are capped at 350MB or400MB while premium servers are unlimited. So upgrade to premium server to enjoy this free browsing cheat unlimitedly. 
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