Friday, 10 February 2017


Google has launched the YouTube Go beta app in the Play Store. The new app allows you to save videos to your device or SD card for offline viewing — potentially reducing your mobile data usage.

It works much like the regular YouTube app but when you select a video to view, YouTube Go will ask if you instead want to download it. Videos are available in two resolutions “basic quality” (which looks like 144p) and “standard quality” (possibly 360p): there’s no access to HD resolutions here. However, the app is designed primarily for regions with comparatively slower internet speeds on devices with small storage capacities.

You can also share offline videos with friends via Bluetooth, though Google notes this will require access to the internet to perform a 15kb security check once the video is received.

It’s not available in the Play Store in all regions just yet — its Play Store description has some Hindi, alongside a fair bit of emoji and an English description — but you can try and download it in your location via the button below. Note that you’ll have to verify your phone number to install it.

Download Link

YouTube Go Beta Download

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