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How To Locate PPSSPP Games On Android & PC Ppsspp Emulator

PPSSPP is an emulator for all devices be it android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Symbian... That enables users to play and enjoy psp games on recently mentioned devices. Ppsspp app can't be played without a game with ISO or CSO extension. There are many ppsspp games online but i myself have few of atleast 20 most interesting ones but my issue then was to locate the game which is what others also face after downloading ppsspp emulator app and it game.

So, if you have downloaded and installed ppsspp emulator app and a game for it and you don't know how to locate the PPSSPP game on your Andrioid or PC Ppsspp Emulator App, i have written this article to provide help. 

Also Note : that a Real PSP Gadget Game (Not App but gadget) is meant to play games with ISO or CSO file extension. These same game files can work on ppsspp emulator for Android, Pc, iOS and other devices. 

How To Locate PPSSPP Game On Android Ppsspp Emulator App. 

After downloading the ppsspp emulator app for android and also a game, e.g "Avatar", this game file will be under Downloads folder in Sd Card0 which is your external memory card. 

This is not the best place for the game. The best place to put your ppsspp game is "Game" Folder in PSP folder. PSP folder is automatically available after you launch your ppsspp emulator app successfully on your android phone. 

Now move the Ppsspp Game file from "Downloads" to Sd Card 0 >> PSP >> Game, then paste the game file here. 

To locate your game in ppsspp app, launch your ppsspp app on android,

Step 1 : Go to "Game" Tab, I scroll down and click "Storage" 

Step 2 : Choose Sd Card 0 if you have am external memory card.

Step 3 : Tap PSP folder, click Game, you will see your game available there. Now start playing.

Let see how to! For pc...

How To Locate PPSSPP Game On Windows/Pc Ppsspp Emulator App. 

For windows also, after you have downloaded the ppsspp emulator app for windows or pc and also a game, e.g "Avatar", this game file will be under Download folder in your pc.

Note : If you can't find your download folder, go to "Computer" >> "Users" >> Choose yout current user e.x "Olamide". Now a page will open containing folders. Now click Downloads or Download folder to view your game. 

I will recommend you to create a folder titled "Psp Games" then paste your game in the folder.

To locate your game in ppsspp app, launch your ppsspp app on windows/pc,

Step 1 : Go to "Game" Tab, I scroll down and click "C:/" >> Users >> Choose User >> Desktop >> Psp Games". 
Step 2 : Now you can view your game from here and start playing. 

That's All. 
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