Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Leaked: Samsung Galaxy S8 to come with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor


Latest rumor specs of Samsung Galaxy S8 suggested that the phone fingerprint sensor has been tipped to be appearing on its backside. The reason cited is that in initial testing of the fingerprint sensor embedded in the display has proven inaccurate, and a dedicated sensor is still needed.
The Samsung Galaxy S8 is also reported to feature several features from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Further to the specs are the collections of display details that can easily be inferred given a single connection between the devices.

The Galaxy S8 will likely come with the iris recognition security from the ill-fated Note7 that uses a specific camera for the purpose, unlike the LG Innotek implementation where the two are fitted in a single module. Iris recognition, however, is still not as popular as fingerprint scanning, so let's not be too courageous by getting rid of the latter just yet, Samsung must have thought.

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